Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Erin Fall Fair- Monday, October 8th, 2018

On Thanksgiving my Mom and I took a visit to the Erin Fall Fair since she had won a pair of free passes. The last time when we had visited was two years ago, on a very sunny and warm Friday. This time around it was very foggy and damp! Despite the fact, we still managed to make the best of our visit. Be sure to check out the photos below!

Here is the largest vegetables wagon located near the main gate as you enter the fairgrounds. The pumpkin in the center of the photo weighs 1,736 lbs! That was apparently a site record! That beet is also very large too!
Looking out towards the midway, all you could see was a ghostly image of the rides through the thick fog. The rides were provided by Robertson Amusements of Orangeville, ON.
The vendor area was quite quiet as the day was just beginning.
Since it was the final day of the fair, they had some equipment demonstrations and competitions taking place on the track.
They also had log cutting competitions too.
After watching some outdoor competitions, my Mom and I decided to head into the exhibitor's building. Here is a look at some of the floral entries. There were photo entries, vegetable entries, and other craft entries too. While we were inside, it had down-poured twice. 
Here is a look down the midway on this soggy day.
The Extreme Orbiter is the fastest ride on the midway at the Erin Fall Fair. For some strange reason, many of the rides had their backdrops folded down.
The Sizzler had its top display folded down too. It provided a very fast and forceful ride.
The Cliff Hanger was providing good but short rides throughout the day.
The Ferris Wheel was still moving fast, just like it was two years ago.
There was also an Ali Baba ride on site, as well as an Avalanche, a Scooters bumper car ride, a Merry-Go-Round, a couple variants of the Berry-Go-Round, and a couple of fun houses too.
Since it was foggy and somewhat rainy, this caused the Loony Lagoon spinning coaster manufactured by Wisdom Rides to have difficulties operating. It's drive wheels kept on getting wet. But, with a bit of patience and drying of the wheels, they were able to get it operating!
While it may not be big, it sure provides a whole ton of spinning that riders of all ages can enjoy! It provided a great ride like it had when I had rode it for the first time two years ago! Thanks for taking a look at our visit to the Erin Fall Fair!

Monday, 24 September 2018

Acton Fall Fair- Sunday, September 16th, 2018

Day three of the Acton Fall Fair quickly rolled around! Be sure to check out photos from a very warm Sunday below! Be sure to take a look at day one and day two of the 105th Acton Fall Fair if you have not done so yet.

Here is a sunny and vivid midway!
From up on the Mulligan Wheel, you could see the midway below, including the Lolly Swing.
The new canopies definitely popped in the sun!
Here is Scott on the Mulligan Wheel.
Scott and I decided to take a ride on the Scooter bumper cars. They bump quite nicely.
During the afternoon, Scott and I's Aunt Rose, our Cousin Brook, and her two children, William and Sydney, stopped by for a couple hours to enjoy the fair. I took a spin on a couple of rides with them including the Monster Trucks and the Raiders, pictured here.
Here is a view of the Orbiter while Scott and I took our last ride at the fair on the Mulligan Wheel.
The midway sure was quieting down as the fair was coming to an official end at 5pm.
Around 5:30pm, once the fair had finished for another year, the rides began to come apart in order to be taken to their next location.
Here is one of the midway workers taking a gondola off of the Mulligan Wheel.
The Avalanche was beginning to be folded up for transport.
The Orbiter's fence was starting to come down.
Sizzler was beginning to fold up too.
Workers began to fold up the Orient Express kiddie coaster too.
Midway workers began disassembling the Orbiter by taking off its cars.
Here is the Sizzler folded up even more so.
The Avalanche was being further packed up just as I had left the Fairgrounds. Thanks for taking a look at my photos of an amazing weekend at the 105th Acton Fall Fair! :-)

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Acton Fall Fair- Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Below is a look at day two of the 105th Acton Fall Fair. It sure was another hot one as the sun was out bright! Thankfully the clouds rolled through during the afternoon, which created some relief from the boiling sun! If you have not checked out day one of the 105th Acton Fall Fair, you can do so by clicking here.

Just behind where our tractor was on display at the Fair was a horseshoe pit available for some late Saturday morning horseshoe rounds.
Also at the same time there was a horse and buggy demonstration competition taking place at the track.
At 1:30pm, a dog show took place in the second ring of the midway.
The Lolly Swing was delighting visitors of young and old.
The Scooter bumper cars sure were popular on the Saturday afternoon!
The Himalaya sign was kind of saturated by the bright afternoon sun.
Zero Gravity was causing a few riders to get stuck to the wall as it tilted towards the ground while spinning at high speeds.
The Himalaya was providing a fast action-packed ride while giving some relief of the afternoon heat for some fair-goers.
The Berry-Go-Round was giving some spin-hungry riders a workout.
The Merry-Go-Round was providing gentle fun for the young ones just down the midway.
A Fall Fair just wouldn't be one without some agricultural aspects. Here are some Holstein calves on display within the Ag Awareness tent.
This young llama and its mother were seeking shelter from the sun under the tent.
Some 4-H members were showcasing their cattle at this year's Fair at the far end of the park.
A young game player had the chance to select a prize early in the evening after winning Rising Waters.
A dusky pink hazy sky rolled in as the sun was close to setting for the night.
Here are the lights of the Scooter bumper cars as seen from the Sizzler.
The Zero Gravity sure was whirling as darkness began to fall.
As darkness fell, so did the levels of visitors in the kiddie midway. But, the other midway was quite busy and filled with excitement!
The glow of the green and orange lights of the Merry-Go-Round make a nice backdrop for the horses.
The newly acquired Raiders looked quite spectacular at night.
I believe the Hi-Striker was a new addition to the midway this year.
The Mulligan Wheel sure sports an amazing LED light package.
The Sizzler also had a dazzling light show to display at night.
The midway was bustling on a warm Saturday night.
The Himalaya also had a very nice light show too. Unfortunately the lights on the cars weren't working. But, it still looked very nice.
Here is an up close and personal look at the Zero Gravity against the dark night sky.
Live performances were taking place in the Dufferin Rural Heritage Community Centre on Saturday night.
Here is another beautiful view of the Mulligan Wheel on the midway at the Acton Fall Fair.
After a long day at the Fair, we decided to head on home. Here is our Dad, my brother Scott, our Mom, and I together for a night shot. Sunday's photos at the Fair are coming up next! :-)