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Canada's Wonderland- May 6th, 2016

My mom and I had visited Canada's Wonderland for the second time for the season. My brother Scott didn't join us today as he had cut his wrist with a hand saw last Saturday and he needed to go visit a specialist. Anyways, we arrived at the park before 9:15am and the park was quite busy today mostly because it was Physics Day for senior elementary and high school students. Luckily it was a very nice and sunny day. So, let's get on with the photos!

This is a beautiful view to begin any day at Canada's Wonderland!
From International Street, you can see Skyhawk, one of Canada's Wonderland's latest additions.
Here is a closer view of Skyhawk from International Street.

From the left side of Wonder Mountain you can see a glimpse of Vortex. This piece of track appears to be faded. In my later photos you will see Vortex with its new coat of paint on the rest of the track.

Here is a view of the all-new Skyhawk. If you look closely you can see visitors trying to flip. It's quite hard to do! I rode Skyhawk twice today and I just couldn't get the seat to do one barrel roll! But, I was very close as my feet were above my head both times!
Here is a closer view of Skyhawk operating.

After getting on many rides in Action Zone, I decided to take a ride on The Bat. While I was on The Bat, my mom was holding my camera so, she decided to take photos of the swampy land beneath the coaster.

Later in the day after getting on more rides in Medieval Faire and International Festival, we decided to venture back over to Action Zone. In this photo you can see Mighty Canadian Minebuster's orange train descending off the lift hill. I greatly enjoy Mighty Canadian Minebuster for its airtime filled hills due to its out-and-back design. It has now been operating for 35 years!
Here is a closeup view of Windseeker looking through Slingshot.
Here is a closeup view of Behemoth's first drop taken all the way near Coasters Diner in Action Zone. Behemoth is a very enjoyable coaster with tons of airtime! It's best to ride it with your hands all the way in the air!
In this photo I was trying to get an interesting view of Psyclone. I had taken this photo holding the camera towards the sky.

Here is another view of Psyclone from below. I had taken this interesting photo by laying the camera down on the ride's fence. 

Here is Orbiter at almost full tilt. Orbiter is the last Giant Enterprise ride operating in North America. It was manufactured by Huss of Germany and has been operating at the park since opening day back in May of 1981. It was originally known as Sol Loco from 1981-2001 when Action Zone was once known as the Grande World Exposition of 1890.
Here is Orbiter at full tilt. Riders go partially upside down as you can see in this photo. In the previous photo I mentioned Orbiter operating since 1981. Actually during 2006 ( the final year of Paramount Parks) Paramount decided to dismantle Orbiter and replace it with a future attraction. Luckily, all the Paramount Parks were bought by Cedar Fair (current owners) and saved Orbiter! It is still here to give riders a thrilling and fun ride! Last year one car was painted a royal blue and this year another car was painted royal blue. So, it's nice to see Orbiter getting some love and attention.
Here is a shot of Antique Carousel, Flight Deck, and Time Warp in Action Zone. You can tell how beautiful and warm of a day it was by just looking at this photo! 
After taking riding some more rides around the park, we decided to take a walk alongside Splashworks. Here you can see Windseeker and Slingshot dominating the blue sky!
This photo was also taken alongside Splashworks. You can see the cars on Drop Tower inching their way to the top.
Here is Vortex. This photo was taken from alongside Splashworks as well. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have been able to take this exact photo as SkyRider would have been standing in the way. I can't believe that it has been nearly two years since SkyRider last operated at the park! It was my favourite stand-up coaster! Luckily it has found a new home at Cavallino Matto park in Italy as Freestyle since last year.
In the previous photo and this photo you can see the nice new coat of red paint Vortex's track has received! If you're going to celebrate a coaster's 25th anniversary, you've got to make it look stunning! On a side note, Vortex has been operating as long as my parents have been married! :-)
Also, here is a view of Skyhawk from alongside Splashworks. Skyhawk is a very fun ride even though it is quite difficult to flip the seats! 
On our way past Splashworks and through White Water Canyon, I noticed the maintenance gate for Timber Wolf Falls was open. As an amusement park enthusiast, I decided to take a look.
Looking from the gate you can see the maintenance path that leads to Timberwolf Falls' station. Also you can see one of the four boats shrink wrapped for the winter. Soon that shrink wrap will be off as Timberwolf Falls, along with Whitewater Canyon and Splashworks will be opening for another season on Saturday, May 28th.
Here is another one of Timberwolf Falls' boats being stored for the off-season.
And here is another view of the gate while I was leaving after taking a peek of behind the scenes!
Here is a view of Wonder Mountain and Vortex from the path that leads to White Water Canyon. In a couple of weeks (or days!) you won't be able to see Wonder Mountain or Vortex from this view!
Can you guess what this is?
That's correct! It's the all-new Flying Eagles in Kidzville!
Here is another slightly blurry view of the all-new Flying Eagles. In order to accommodate Flying Eagles, A-Mazing Adventures was removed and Chopper Chase's (now known as Treetop Adventures as Kidzville received a Canadian theme) track had to be extended.
Here I am about to take a ride on Flying Eagles.
Here's another photo of me about to take a ride of Flying Eagles.
Here I am taking off! Flying Eagles is a very fun family ride that is manufactured by Larson International. I've been on another kind of this ride at Dorney Park last year during my first visit where it was known as Cedar Creek Flyers. I was able to get the car to swoop and dive quite nicely during my ride!
Here is a photo of the entrance gate just before we were about to leave the park.
Here is a photo of my mom and I in front of the Royal Fountains on International Street just before we left for the day shortly after 4:30pm. We had an amazing day as I was able to ride most of the rides I wanted to ride. My mom and I was even able to squeeze in a ride on Antique Carousel, which is her favourite and only ride she can handle! I hope to get back to the park in a couple of weeks. Maybe then Scott will be able to come along again. Having a twin as a riding companion is just amazing! It was kind of odd not riding with him today but, medical attention is (slightly) more important than a day at Canada's Wonderland.

I hope you enjoyed my trip report and come back in a couple of weeks for more!

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