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Canada's Wonderland Season Pass Sneak Preview Night 2016

Below are some photos and videos from my visit to Canada's Wonderland's Season Pass Sneak Preview Night on Friday, April 29, 2016 from 5:30pm to 10:00pm. I had visited with my (twin) brother Scott and our mom.

The evening was quite cool but greatly enjoyable! It was our fourth Season Pass Sneak Preview Night. My brother and I were highly excited to try out the all-new Skyhawk, which is the first of its kind in North America. But, before we get to that, let's begin at the start to our amazing evening.

Here is the front entrance to Canada's Wonderland! The sign was added back in 2012 to pay homage to the original sign that stood atop the entrance from 1981-1993 (prior to the Paramount Parks era).
Here is a shot of the over-bank turn on Leviathan as seen from the park's entrance. Leviathan was added to the park in 2012 and is still Canada's tallest and fastest coaster at a height of 306 feet and moves up to 148 km/h (92 mph)!

Since it is Canada's Wonderland's 35th anniversary this year, they decided to post a flag atop the entrance that features the original Canada's Wonderland logo! For the past few years, they have been using the retro logo on some of the coasters.

Here is a photo of the all-new Skyhawk! It is the first one of its kind in North America at a height of 115 feet in the air!
Here is a closer view of Skyhawk at the top of its tower during a slight delay. Skyhawk was manufactured by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH of Germany. While the tower spins and the seats move upwards, riders are able to use the paddles attached to the seats in order to complete barrel rolls in the air! 
Here is a side view of Skyhawk's sign while we were waiting for the ride to open.
Here is Scott and I finally on Skyhawk! At this moment we were waiting for the shoulder restraints to lock. As you can tell we are very excited to ride!
The restraints had finally locked and we're almost ready to begin our flight on Skyhawk!
In this photo, you can see me testing out the wings out on Skyhawk!
In this photo we were about to take off!
You can see Scott and I testing out our wings once more before we were just about to take off!
Here we are going up as the ride slowly began to spin! Skyhawk was really fun! But, unfortunately it was quite windy which made it hard to flip the seats! I had almost flipped but the wind had pushed me back! The best way to be able to do a barrel roll is to move your paddles slowly back and forth and shift your body from side to side! Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do barrel rolls for the whole duration of the ride!
After a couple of hours of walking around and riding rides, I decided to pull out my camera again as it started to get dark! Here you can see the lights that are strung up in the trees along International Street. Prior to this photo being taken, Scott and I had rode Drop Tower just as the sun was setting and it was blinding!
Here is a somewhat blurry photo of Wonder Mountain just as the sun was setting.

Here is a closer yet still blurry photo of Wonder Mountain.
As you can see the park becomes quite spectacular at night as quite a few rides begin to display their amazing light packages. In this photo you can see Shockwave spinning around with its flickering lights!
Here is a slightly blurry photo of Klockwerks at night. It sure does have a nice red glow to it! The lights alternate between red and yellow, which gives a nice visual as the ride spins around!
Here is a slightly blurry photo of the game Top Glow in International Festival. Believe it or not, I was holding perfectly still until the game attendant leaned over and press a button which started blaring Kool and the Gang's song, Celebration! It really startled me!
Here is Skyhawk once again when it was down temporarily. Skyhawk has a really neat LED light package once the ride starts to move.
Here is a view of Skyhawk's tower, which was dimly lit at the time due to some technical difficulties at the time. I can say though that when Skyhawk was operating, it was quite a beautiful sight! In the top right corner, you can see the top of Windseeker's tower.
Here you can see how bright and colourful Action Zone is at night despite the blurriness of the photo! In the foreground you can see Windseeker loading and in the far distance you can see Behemoth's lift hill with its red racing lights! 
After catching a night ride on Sledgehammer, we decided it was time to go home. But, before we left for the night, I decided to get some more night shots of the park. Here you can see Flight Deck eerily illuminated in the darkness.
Here is a photo of the tower atop All The Rage gift shop near Xtreme Skyflyer in Action Zone.
Here are some (old/new) flags of various countries illuminated at night at the entrance to Action Zone from International Street. Action Zone was originally known as The Grande World Exposition of 1890 from 1981 to 2001.

Here is a somewhat blurry photo of my brother Scott and I taking a photo of ourselves in front of the Royal Fountains on International Street.

Here is another photo of Scott and I standing in front of the Royal Fountains on International Street. I greatly enjoy having a twin who also enjoys amusement parks as much as I do! :-)
Here is a photo of Canada's Wonderland's entrance sign brightly lit up at night. As you can tell, the park was getting set to close for the night.
Here is one final photo of Season Pass Sneak Preview Night of Xtreme Skyflyer from the parking lot.

Below is a video comprised of some smaller videos which I had taken throughout the evening. It sure was an amazing evening riding great rides ad coasters, especially after completing another year of college! Be sure to check back for more updates in the near future! Thanks for reading!

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