Thursday, 2 June 2016

Canada's Wonderland- June 2nd, 2016

Here are some photos from our fourth visit of the season to Canada's Wonderland! We had a great visit as we were able to ride and re-ride many rides throughout the day! We arrived at 9:30am and left around 4:30pm. Be sure to check out the photos below!

Here is a shot of the retro Canada's Wonderland flag blowing in the wind in honour of the park's 35th anniversary.
Like I've said before, this is the best view to begin any day at Canada's Wonderland.
Here is a newly re-constructed and re-painted patio at Backlot Cafe in Action Zone. There were no tables in place today, but there should within the next week or so.
Here is Flight Deck testing. I haven't been on it yet this season but, I will sometime as the season progresses.
Here we can see Behemoth off in the distance with Psyclone testing before opening for the day.
Here you can see Scott and myself with our hands in the air while sitting in the back seat on Behemoth. Our Mom had captured this photo.

Here is Scott and I taking our second ride on White Water Canyon for the season. We had gone around shortly before without getting off. So, we kind of "marathon-ed" White Water Canyon this morning.
Here I am once again on Riptide, which sometimes gets you wet, especially on days like today! Luckily I was able to dry out quite fast today thanks to the heat and wind! Riptide is a Mondial Splashover that opened in 2000. It was originally known as Cliffhanger up until the end of the 2007 season. Scott had captured this photo. 
Here you can see one of the two gondolas leaning towards the ground before it goes upside down. Riptide is definitely a "spin cycle" ride as it gets you wet and flip you upside down!
Here is Drop Tower's colourful tower amongst the grey sky that passed by throughout the day. Drop Tower stands 227 feet tall and has been dropping riders from that height since 1997. It was originally known as Drop Zone: Stunt Tower from 1997-2007.
Here is Nightmares. It is a Huss UFO that opened with the park in 1981 as Wilde Knightmares. Nightmares was originally painted silver until it received its current colour in 1992. It didn't receive its current name until 1997. Nightmares is currently the only Huss UFO ride operating in North America.
Here is one of the many streams that flows through International Festival.
These are the somewhat drenching waterfalls of White Water Canyon. By somewhat drenching, I mean they may or may not get you wet depending on where you're sitting in the raft. Unfortunately, I got soaked during two of the three rides we had taken on it.
Here is a photo of Scott and myself navigating the channels of White Water Canyon during our third ride. Luckily, the raft did a quick turn so Scott had not gotten soaked by the waterfalls. I'm glad the waterfalls are back this year because partway through last year, a water main had broken. This photo was taken by our Mom who was staying dry. :-)
Here you can see I had gotten eight flips on Skyhawk during my second ride of the day. Earlier, I had gotten one flip. But, luckily the wind was in my favour this time around. Today was my eighth and ninth ride on Skyhawk since it had opened on Season Pass Sneak Preview Night. :-)
While Scott and I decided to get another ride on Mighty Canadian Minebuster, our Mom decided to take a few photos of the carp in the stream, and here is one of them.
Here's the entrance to Mighty Canadian Minebuster. It's located in Action Zone but speeds through Splashworks. It's a very fun and enjoyable out-and-back wooden coaster! It's celebrating 35 years of operation this year!
Here is Scott and I getting ready for another launch on Slingshot. Slingshot launches two riders 300 feet into the air while the capsule can flip freely depending on the weight of the passengers.
Here we are about to launch! The sun sure was blinding! :-)
Here we are descending safely to the ground after being flipped three times upside down at around 300 feet! Slingshot was a new up-charge attraction last year. Scott and I had done it twice during its inaugural season. :-)
Here is the head-smashing Time Warp. Time Warp is a Flying Volare Coaster that was manufactured by Zamperla of Italy. It was originally known as Tomb Raider: The Ride from 2004-2007.

Time Warp was unusually smooth today, which was greatly appreciated for a change! I think they may have replaced the padding where you head sits. :-)
Here is another shot of the all-new Skyhawk. The tower looks beautiful against the sky!
Here is Vortex's train slowly climbing up the lift hill.
Here's the same train on Vortex quickly descending down the first drop at speeds up to 90 km/h!
Here is a shot of International Festival. How many rides within or outside of International Festival can you count?
Here you can see a wall of waves that was being created by a boat on Timberwolf Falls. It was hot today, but not enough to get completely soaked!
Here is an empty car of the all-new Flying Eagles in Kidzville.
Here is a photo of Ghoster Coaster's entrance. Ghoster Coaster is a very fun and smooth family wooden coaster that is enjoyable to ride anywhere within the train. But to get more a thrill, I would suggest sitting in the back seat of the train!
Here you can see The Rage peeking over this closed food truck in Medieval Faire.
Here is a photo of our Mom, Scott, and I in the Medieval Faire section of the park. :-)
Here is Spinovator giving its amazing spins, like it has been doing since 1981! :-)
Dragon Fire's purple train is just about to go down the first drop.
Here is a shot of Nightmares in action. Nightmares faces those who dare to ride 90 degrees towards the ground while stuck to the wall of your car.
Here you see riders making their way up on Drop Tower and Nightmares operating in the foreground.
Here is the very decorative fountain that is located outside Wonderland Theatre in Medieval Faire.
Here are some beautiful flowers that line the Royal Fountains on International Street.
Here is another side shot of the beautiful Royal Fountains on International Street. I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos! Be sure to check back again soon! :-)

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