Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Canada's Wonderland- June 22nd, 2016

Today marked my fifth visit to Canada's Wonderland this season and what an amazing day it was! Even though I had a great time a Kings Island last week, nothing can beat spending a day at Canada's Wonderland! Scott and my college friend Phil came along for some thrills! Be sure to check out the photos below of our fun day!

We arrived at the park around 9:25am on this sunny but windy day.
A few weeks later after our previous visit, the patio nearby Backlot Cafe is finally completed! It looks quite nice compared to the eventual rotting patio that was there since opening day of 1981.
During my tenth ride on Skyhawk, I managed to do... not 8 but, 28 flips! That was extremely disorientating but, extremely fun! The only concerning part was the "ker-chunk" sound the seat started to make after the 15th flip. But, I kept on flipping anyways! :-)
Here's a photo of The Bat. It's looking a little faded since it's repaint in 2008. Hopefully the park decides to make The Bat stand out again! It's a fun coaster that still continues to be very popular. Unfortunately we didn't ride it today but, I'll catch it next time! :-)
Here's one of Leviathan's trains going down the first drop! We managed to get a ride on Leviathan today. It was Phil's first ride on it. I believe he found it to be a great coaster!
Here's another photo of The Bat after the train was released from the catch car just before entering its three (six once you do it all gain backwards) inversions! :-)
Here are some riders descending to the ground from a 227 foot drop on Drop Tower. Scott and I managed to get a couple rides on Drop Tower in. Despite how windy it was, it continued to operate strong all day long!
Here is a blurry photo of Leviathan with a train descending from the first drop of 306 feet. This photo was taken from Dragon Fire's exit.
Here is a photo of the classic Dragon Fire from its exit path. Even though Dragon Fire isn't the park's most intense coaster at the park, it's still a very fun looping coaster that all thrill seekers should ride! Also, it seems to be quite smooth this year! :-)
Here's a shot of Dragon Fire's green train rounding through the last two inversions, which happen to be rare counter-clockwise corkscrews.
Here is a shot of Windseeker captured by Scott. This was taken while Phil and I were waiting in line to ride.
Here's Phil and I taking our seats before the 301 foot climb up Windseeker's tower!
Here we are just after our restraints closed. This was my third time riding Windseeker ever since it opened in 2011.
Here's another shot of us just before we were about to take flight. I will have to admit that I'm becoming less fearful of Windseeker compared to the first time I rode it back in 2012 with Scott. I guess this is because I've rode Drop Towers and roller coasters that stand over 230 feet! As long as I'm restrained, I'm good with heights! :-)
Here is a blurry shot of me just after I got on Swing of the Century. It sure was a nice and sunny today! :-)
Here's a clearer photo of myself on Swing of the Century still waiting to ride. :-)
Our final ride of the day was the head banging Flight Deck! I had rode it since last year so, Phil and I decided to take a ride on it shortly after this photo was taken.
Here is Scott and Phil just before our agonizing ride on Flight Deck! 
Here is a “selfie” of the three of us enjoying our day at Canada's Wonderland!
Phil and I survived our ride on Flight Deck! Okay, I will admit that Flight Deck wasn't too much of a head banger today! It was more of a lower-body torturer today! Luckily I've been on smoother and better inverted coasters such as Banshee and Invertigo at Kings Island and Talon, Possessed, and Stinger at Dorney Park! :-)
Here is one final photo of the photogenic and not so rideable Flight Deck. We had an amazing day as we were able to ride and re-ride many rides throughout the park! I hope you enjoyed reading my trip report and looking at the photos! :-)

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