Thursday, 7 July 2016

Canada's Wonderland- July 7th, 2016

Here are some photos from my sixth visit of the season to Canada's Wonderland! My brother Scott and our Mom came along for the day! It was a great day as the lines were relatively short for this time of the year but, it was extremely hot and humid!

The view of Wonder Mountain is still a great view to start off the day at Canada's Wonderland! Many people enjoy having photos taken of themselves in front of this marvelous icon. :-)
The Royal Fountains sure were shooting quite high on this hot and humid day! :-)
While we were waiting for the rides to open at 10am, I noticed that Thunder Run's support structure had received some new lumber. But, I also noticed that there are quite a few weeds growing atop Wonder Mountain.
Here is Scott and I after getting soaked on White Water Canyon and Timberwolf Falls. We had thought we were only going to get soaked twice but, we got soaked again when it rained around 1pm. It was quite refreshing on this hot and humid day! :-)
Here is a recent addition to the scenery at Canada's Wonderland! A water fountain was added inside Vortex's helix sometime between my last visit on June 22nd and this visit. It sure is a nice touch and an interesting visual when taking a ride on Vortex! :-)
Here is another photo of Vortex's new water fountain with a train passing by! :-)
Here's a closer shot of the new fountain that is located within Vortex's helix.
Here is a slightly blurry shot of The Rage in operation. The Rage is a fun ride especially when sitting in the end rows. :-)
Here is Scott and I taking our second ride (out of three) on Drop Tower today. This photo was captured by our Mom.
Here is Scott and I being asked by the ride attendant to raise our hands before we venture up the 227 foot tower.
Here is Scott and I again just as we were leaving the ground.
Here is me waving towards the ground before our 227 foot descent.
Way up there is Scott and I waiting to free-fall towards the ground at speeds up to 100 km/h while our Mom takes photos safely from the ground!
Here is Scott and I after riding Drop Tower. No matter how many times we have ridden it, Drop Tower still provides quite a thrill! :-)
Way up there (306 feet to be exact) is Scott and I with our hands up in the back row before going down the first drop on Leviathan! If you want an intense ride on Leviathan, just sit in the last row with your hands up! Scott and I were able to ride Leviathan twice thanks to the short lines! :-)
Here are some geese who made a hissy visit in the Medieval Faire section of the park.
The sun decided to make an appearance today and made these flowers stand out! The landscape team at Canada's Wonderland does an excellent job at making the park look beautiful! :-)
Here is a shot of the water fountain which is situated nearby the Planet Snoopy entrance.
Scott and I decided to venture over to Planet Snoopy and ride the classic, Ghoster Coaster.
Here is another shot of this small wooden coaster from the queue line.
Even though Ghoster Coaster is geared towards to younger coaster riders, it still provides some great airtime in the back seat that riders of all ages crave! :-)
Here is a photo of Scott, our Mom, and I after spending another wonderful day at Canada's Wonderland!
Just while we were leaving, I decided to take a photo of these planters that were lined along the parking lot, just before the main entrance. These weren't here two weeks ago, so I imagine someone tried driving up here recently? :-)
I thank you for coming along on my adventures at Canada's Wonderland once again! We had such a great day as we arrived around 9:30am and left around 4:30pm. Even though it was very hot and humid, the short lines made it highly tolerable. Be sure to check back soon for more photos as the season continues! :-)

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