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Acton Fall Fair- September 16th-18th, 2016

The Acton Fall Fair celebrated 103 years this past weekend with the theme of "Barnyards to Backyards". There were many things to do and see throughout the three day event. In this post you will see a little bit of everything which includes events, vendors, and of course the midway! The weekend for the fair was relatively nice with a beautiful opening day on Friday which was sunny and warm. Saturday was mostly rainy and warm, with Sunday which returned back to a sunny and warm day which attracted quite the crowds than the day before. Now on to the photos and videos!

It was a beautiful evening to the start of the 103rd Acton Fall Fair.
Here is a view from the Mulligan Wheel of the Orbiter in action!
Here's another view of Albion Amusements midway from the Mulligan Wheel.
Here is a ride load of people taking in the thrills of the Avalanche!
Here is the same group of people going around on the Avalanche. You can tell that there is an abundance of airtime on the Avalanche by looking at some of the riders' hair!
Here is a ground view of the Orbiter in operation.
Here is a somewhat blurry view of the fast action packed Himalaya! The Himalaya made a reappearance at the fair this year after a five year absence.
Here you can see these two girls enjoying their ride as they're joyfully squeezed together while rotating at high speeds as a horn blares!
Here is another view of the Himalaya. The Himalaya was manufactured by Wisdom Rides Merino, Colorado.
Here you can see the wonderful light package that the Himalaya possesses. You will see how beautiful it looks at night in later photos.
Here is Orbiter at full tilt. Riders can experience intense forces as they spin around on the Orbiter. The Orbiter is manufactured by Tivoli Enterprises and is regarded as one of the fastest rides on the midway.
Here is a closeup shot of the Orbiter as the cars narrowly miss the ride's sign!
Here is the Sizzler. It also has a nice light package which features newer LED lights. But, the sign still features classic fairground lights.
Here is another view of the Sizzler with it's dazzling light display!
Here you can see how riders are squeezed together as the Sizzler spins it's arms around in a calypso type motion.
Here is Zero Gravity in action. The Zero Gravity was manufactured by Dartron Rides. Here you can see that two pieces of canvas are missing from the ride's center.
Here is a view looking up at the Mulligan Wheel which has been an extremely popular attraction at the Acton Fall Fair for the past four years now.
As the sun begins to set, the lights begin to shine!

Here is a better view of the light display that is featured on the Himalaya.
Here are some visitors enjoying their rides on the Scooters bumper cars.
Here you can see that the crowds began to move in as the evening progressed.
Here is the Tilt-A-Whirl in operation. It may feature a rather dull light package compared to other rides on the midway but, it really stands out with its colour scheme!
Here is the Starship 3000 glimmering at dusk. 
Here you can begin to see the Mulligan Wheel's beautiful light display.
Here is a somewhat blurry view of the Himalaya as the evening progressed.
Here is a fuller Sizzler thrilling riders as they move around at high speeds!
Here is the Cuckoo Haus at dusk. Scott and I decided to pass it by this year as many of the components were broken!
Here is another view of the beautiful Mulligan Wheel! 
Here is the Acton Citizens Band performing at the Acton Fall Fair.
Here is Scott enjoying a hot dog at the Acton Fall Fair.

Here is a view of the midway at night!
Here is another view of the midway during this beautiful evening!
It was a rainy but warm start to the second day of the Acton Fall Fair.
The rides didn't open until much later as the rain persisted.
Here you can see an empty midway which is quite unusual for a late Saturday morning.
It had poured at times. Luckily the rain didn't cancel ride operations for the day.
The midway's power came back on around 1:40pm. Luckily the rain had let up because what's a fair without rides?
As you can tell, the rides began to operate shortly before 2pm as the rain began to let up.
Here is a somewhat rainy and empty midway as the rides began to come to life once again.
The rain began to come down quite hard again but, that didn't deter some fair-goers from getting in some thrills!
Here are a few riders enjoying a rainy ride on the Sizzler.
Next door, a few riders were also enjoying a rainy ride on the Orbiter.
Even though the Himalaya is covered, not many people chose to take a spin on it during the day. I guess people preferred the warm rain?
Here is a view of the crooked Scooter sign. It may look normal from this angle but, looking at it from the side, it was a totally different story! ;-) Below is an on-ride video of the Sizzler! :-)
Here is a view of the Mulligan Wheel while we arrived at the fair on Sunday.
Sunday was a much better day as the fair was busier thanks to the nice, sunny weather!
Here is a view of the midway from the Tilt-A-Whirl.
Here is Scott and I before we took a spin on the Tilt-A-Whirl.
Here is a view of some of the midway from the bottom of the Mulligan Wheel.
Below is the Kiddie Midway and games as seen from the Mulligan Wheel.
Here is a closer view of the Kiddie Midway from the Mulligan Wheel.
Here is a view looking straight down from the top of the Mulligan Wheel.
Here is a competitor competing in the classic tractor pull at the Acton Fall Fair.
Here's another tractor driver pulling the weights along.
From what I remember this competitor had gone quite far!
You can see some children enjoying their ride on the Lolly Swings.
Here is the control panel for my favourite ride of all time which is the Tilt-A-Whirl! :-)
Here are some more views of the Kiddie Midway from the Mulligan Wheel.
You can definitely tell the fair was bustling as the afternoon progressed.
The Orient Express may appear to be empty in this photo but, many children where having fun while going around on it throughout the afternoon!
Here you can see many enjoying the midway throughout the beautiful, Sunday afternoon!
Later in the afternoon, the midway became less busy but, that didn't mean there weren't more thrills to be had!
Here is my first panorama shot of the Acton Fall Fair's midway.
Here is another panorama shot of the midway at the fair.
Here is a longer panorama shot featuring the Avalanche, Scooter, and the Himalaya (Click panorama photos to enlarge).
Here is a view of the bustling vendors area as there were only a couple hours left to enjoy the fair.
Here is a long panorama shot looking at the many vendors who came out to this year's Acton Fall Fair.
Here is another long panorama shot of the trickling midway just before the fair ended.
Last minute rides were being taken in before the tear down of the rides began. If you didn't capture Albion Amusements this year at the Acton Fall Fair, you can head down to Milton and catch them at the Milton Fall Fair this coming weekend.
Here is an almost empty midway during the final minutes of the 2016 Acton Fall Fair!
Here is my favourite panorama shot I had captured while at the fair! Believe it or not, the Himalaya was actually behind me! My cheap camera seems to do quite well at taking panorama shots! :-)
Here is another panorama shot I had captured on the fair during its final minutes.
Here is the Tilt-A-Whirl sitting idle before being packed up and moved to it's next location.
Here is another panorama view of the deserted midway.
Here is an interesting ground view of the midway sitting idle and waiting to be taken down.

Here is a final view of the Mulligan Wheel prior to being dismantled.  Below is a video compilation of the 2016 Acton Fall Fair! I hope you enjoyed my photos and videos of the 2016 Acton Fall Fair!

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