Saturday, 24 September 2016

Canada's Wonderland- September 24th, 2016

Today, Scott, our Mom, and I had visited Canada's Wonderland. It was my 11th visit of the season! It was a nice cool weathered day but, quite busy due to two large groups and Canada's Wonderland's first Oktoberfest Event taking place this weekend. Also during our day at the park, I ran into Aldo, another Canada's Wonderland enthusiast. Other than a slight issue in the morning when we arrived and the park being quite busy in the afternoon, we had a great day. Now, enough with the talking and on with the photos!

Not only were there two large groups of people at the park amongst regular park visitors, there was also a very large group of geese at the park today, as well!
As you can tell, today was a very nice but, cool day at the park!
Now, this is where the little issue came about. You see, these gates say "open"...
While these gates were open but for only the groups that they were designated for. Anyways, for some unknown reason, the security guards had allowed us in through the gates that said "open". But, then we were asked to leave as the park wasn't open for the day yet. Then, many people as well were being turned away since they weren't apart of the specified groups for early ride time. It was kind of annoying. Many including myself were thinking why didn't they just have the gates specified for the groups open? Anyways, to make me slightly more annoyed I was scanned twice by the metal detector and wand scanned twice during this while some others entering the park weren't wand scanned by security. I think it was slightly discriminating because my brother Scott and I have beards, that's why the same security guard checked us over twice. Anyways, despite what happened before getting into the park, we ended up having a great day.
We eventually entered the park and came to this beautiful sight once again!
Now, here in Ontario, having open liquor in public without a license isn't legal. But, I guess if you're dead, it's okay! ;-)
As you've probably noticed, the park is getting ready for Halloween Haunt beginning next weekend and running on weekends until the end of October. They were still getting many decorations and Haunt mazes ready!
While we were waiting for rides to open at 10am, I captured this photo of the majestic Wonder Mountain on this cool Fall morning.
While Scott and I were being thrilled on Shockwave, our Mom decided to capture a few photos of some flowers around the park. Here is one of her photos.
Yes, you've read that correctly! Oktoberfest has come to Canada's Wonderland for the first time ever! Well, it may not be the real thing but hey, it definitely looked and sounded like it!
Splashworks has become totally deserted since closing on Labour Day for the season.
Here is another shot I had captured of Splashworks. Whirlwinds is sitting lonely waiting for another season of splish splashin' fun!
Since we were walking along the path between Action Zone and White Water Canyon after riding many rides and getting some lunch, I decided to capture this panoramic view of the park. You can definitely tell it's beginning to look like Fall once the leaves begin to change colours!
Like I had mentioned earlier, there were many geese about! There was this one group of geese that disobeyed park restrictions and started walking along the Kidzville Station's track! Some of them were nearly hit but, they managed to move out of the way with a few seconds to spare. ;-)
Well, since they couldn't ride, many just decided to start eating apples from a nearby apple tree.
If you were unaware the first time that Oktoberfest was happening at Canada's Wonderland, then here's another welcoming!
Oktoberfest at Canada's Wonderland definitely seems to be a success! Many visitors were enjoying the festivities which included live music, German foods, and of course beer.
Here are some authentic German performers which were featured at Canada's Wonderland's first Oktoberfest.
Here's where the beer was being served. 
I was quite impressed with how well Canada's Wonderland had transformed Medieval Faire (in front of Wonderland Theatre) into a small Oktoberfest venue. They really utilized the space quite well. I'd expect to see this become an annual event as it appeared to be a success during the first day today. My only question is, why didn't they hold it in International Festival since it's German themed? :-)
Halloween Haunt at Canada's Wonderland is just around the corner, beginning just next weekend to be exact!
As you can tell in this photo, it was a very beautiful but busy day!
Here's Sledgehammer jumping sky-high in this photo as viewed from the queue line.
Psyclone was also going sky-high as well in this photo!
Here's a panorama shot I had captured while we were waiting inline for our second ride of the day on Sledgehammer.
These geese were behaving themselves unlike some who were acting rather unruly at the park today! ;-)
Here is a photo of The Bat temporarily down. Luckily Scott and I had gotten a ride on it earlier in the day!
Here is Scott, our Mom, and I after having another great day at Canada's Wonderland! Scott and I were able to get on many rides throughout the day, which was great considering how busy the park was!
Just after we had left the park, I noticed they had rolled out their Halloween Haunt hearse. I thank you for looking at my photos and reading my post! :-)

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