Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Canada's Wonderland- August 17th, 2016

It was another great day at Canada's Wonderland which was my 9th visit of the season! Today, Travis came along so, we had also hit up Splashworks, the water park in the early afternoon. We arrived shortly before 9:30am and left around 4:30pm. We did a lot of rides today. Despite it being busy it was a fun day as usual. We even rode Behemoth in the rain which is exciting as usual! Enjoy the photos below!

We arrived at Canada's Wonderland shortly before 9:30am. It was a slightly overcast day which made the temperatures slightly cooler.
While we were waiting for the rides to open for the day, you could tell some rain was coming.
After riding quite a few rides and coasters in International Festival and Action Zone, including a ride on Behemoth in the rain, we decided to take a ride on Mighty Canadian Minebuster and then head on over to Timberwolf Falls to get soaked! Here is a view of Windseeker and Slingshot both standing 300 feet high against the blue and cloud-filled sky.
Here we are after taking a fun, but extremely soaking ride on Timberwolf Falls.
After getting a bite to eat, we spent an hour and a half in Splash Works getting on most of the water slides. Around 1:40pm, we decided we had enough and spent the rest of the day riding rides and other coasters in the park.
Splashworks sure has grown over the years since it's opening in 1992, with the most recent addition of Typhoon and Splash Station last year.
After going to Splash Works, we decided to head on over to Medieval Faire and line up for Leviathan. Operations were great as usual so, even though the queue was full, we only waited an hour in line. Here's a view of Nightmares operating at full tilt.
Here's a view of Drop Tower through Leviathan's track while we were waiting in line.
After riding Leviathan, Scott and I decided to take a ride on The Rage. This shot was captured after our ride.
Although we didn't ride Shockwave today, I decided to get a photo of it in action.
Here's a view of how busy the park was today. People are getting in their last rides of the summer.
Here is a photo of Skyhawk's sign. I rode Skyhawk twice earlier today and flipped 19 times during my 1st ride of the day and flipped 26 times during the ride after that. So far, I've ridden Skyhawk 18 times and have a personal record of 28 flips. :-)
Here we are after another amazing day at Canada's Wonderland! I hope you enjoyed the photos! :-)

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