Thursday, 4 August 2016

Canada's Wonderland- August 4th, 2016

Where's summer going?!? Anyways, here are photos from my 8th visit of the season to Canada's Wonderland! We had an amazing day even though it was extremely hot and humid. Scott and I found relief from the heat by taking a ride on White Water Canyon and Timberwolf Falls. Scott and I were able to get on many rides despite the long lines. Our Mom took her usual spin on Antique Carousel. I hope you enjoy the photos and the video of Drop Tower below!

This is always a beautiful view to start any day at Canada's Wonderland! We arrived at 9:30am, as usual. :-)
Here is Leviathan's lift hill looking through a couple of pine trees nearby Wonder Mountain while we were waiting for the rides to open.
After a few hours of riding rides, getting drenched, and getting a bit to eat, we decided to wander around the park for a bit. Here's a photo of Shockwave in operation. Shockwave is a very fun ride as it twists and flips riders upside down. Shockwave was manufactured by Mondial and opened at the park in 2001.
Here is Scott walking towards Leviathan. We only waited 55 minutes to get on as the operations of the ride crew was amazing during this extremely busy day. :-)
Here's Windseeker peeking out from behind Wonder Mountain as seen from Medieval Faire.
Here's Spinovator, one of our favourite rides at the park. Even though we ride everything, Spinovator still continues to be our favourite because of the fast spinning motion and the feeling of being ejected out of our seats. This classic has been operating at Canada's Wonderland since opening day back in May of 1981 and is a Calypso ride, which was manufactured by Mack Rides of Germany.
Even though we really enjoy rides, we still enjoy classic arcade games at Canada's Wonderland. Here's Scott and I playing an intense game of Air Hockey.
Here's another angle of the same game. Our Mom took those two photos.
Since it was an extremely hot day today, many people were keeping cool at Splash Works. Here you can see riders going headfirst down Riptide Racer which is a fun water slide! We'll probably visit Splash Works next time we visit.
Here is a glimpse of one of the two fountain's that were added in Vortex's pond this season.
After flipping like crazy on Skyhawk for the third time of the day, Scott and I decided to see how Sledgehammer was doing since our ride earlier that day. For some strange reason, Sledgehammer has been stalling and temporarily breaking down in the morning whenever Scott and I ride it during the past few visits. Anyhow, here's how Sledgehammer was at 3:20pm. We went and rode Orbiter to wait and see if Sledgehammer would re-open.
Sledgehammer's neighbour, Psyclone was sending its passengers high into the sky.
Just at that moment, Sledgehammer came alive! After this testing, Scott and I rode it again. :-)
After jumping sky-high and being spun on Sledgehammer, we decided to hydrate once again. While getting a nice cool drink, I decided to take a photo of one of the many nice flowerbeds throughout the park.
After riding a few more rides, we decided to call it a day shortly after 4pm. We had an amazing visit once again and look forward to the next. Thanks for viewing the photos! :-)

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