Monday, 17 October 2016

Canada's Wonderland- October 15th, 2016

On Saturday, I had made my 12th and final visit of the season to Canada's Wonderland. The day was beautiful and quite enjoyable as Scott and I were able to ride many rides, even some more than once! We arrived at 9:20am and left around 4:30pm. The park was also decorated very nicely as Halloween Haunt happens on weekends up until Halloween from 7pm-12am. Today was definitely a great day to end my season of thrills!

We arrived at the park shortly after 9:20am on this slightly cool and beautiful day!
This is still an amazing view to begin your day at Canada's Wonderland especially with the Halloween Haunt decorations out in front of the Royal Fountains. 
Here is a broken coffin with a head being eaten by a cat!
Here is a monument which is located within the graveyard at the front of the park.
Here is a view of the rest of the graveyard where the floral Canadian flag resides throughout the majority of the season.
This is an almost ground view of some bodies crawling along the ground!
Here's the keeper of the graveyard! He proudly stands tall over his graveyard as eerie music plays!
Here are some more coffins and dead "trees" which litter the graveyard. I believe the park had gathered many leaves and some dead saplings from the White Water Canyon section to create a completely dead feeling for the graveyard!
Here is a really freaky gravestone monument!
Some of these characters who roamed the graveyard looked more lively than others!
After catching many rides throughout the morning, we decided to get a bite to eat. But, before we had, I had captured this shot which is a view of Dragon Fire's corkscrews looking through the employee gate. It happened to be open due to a Halloween Haunt maze which is located back there.
Across from Vortex, nearing the White Water Canyon section of the park, there were these small houses set up. Each house was decorated differently and had it's own unique doorbell sound when the doorbell was pressed.
Here's a shack where it appears that the owner has since long gone but, has never left! ;-)
Here's another one where bones blow in the wind!
It doesn't look like this television has been used in years!
Near the International Marketplace Buffet located in Medieval Faire, there was a cart full of bodies.
I believe someone had gotten a little carried away and personally involved at this burning!
Here's the ogre who guards the Medieval Faire bridge!
Even in Action Zone there were Halloween Haunt displays set up!
I imagine these are rather spooky experiences once night rolls around!
After riding many rides, Scott and I lined up for Orbiter. Here is a shot of some of the trees which had reddened leaves.
Here is another Halloween Haunt monument which can be found nearby Time Warp in Action Zone.

Here is Scott, our Mom, and I standing in front of the International Street graveyard just before we left for the day and the season. :-)
Just as we were leaving, I had captured one last shot of the front gates. I must say that the 2016 season was an amazing one at Canada's Wonderland as I had made 12 visits and greatly enjoyed each visit! It'll be a long and cold six and a half months until I return for the 2017 season but, I'll have all these wonderful memories to cherish as the days get dark and cold.

I thank you for coming along on this journey during these wonderful six months. Be sure to check back soon for flashback photos from vacations I had taken to Kings Island and Dorney Park over the past couple of years! :-)

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