Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Canada's Wonderland- March 1st, 2016

Here is a small report from my first visit to Canada's Wonderland during the off-season. It was a cold and blowing late Winter's day. I was there with a couple of group members to conduct an interview with a staff member at the park in regards of the new installations for 2016, (Skyhawk and Flying Eagles) for a college project. It was definitely an interesting experience seeing the rides standing idle, waiting for the Spring thaw, which interestingly came later than usual. I suppose that's because the beginning of Winter was unusually warm. Below are some photos that I had captured on that cold snowy day!

Here is Dragon Fire on a cold March day!
Here is a further away shot of Dragon Fire and Leviathan waiting for opening day!
Here is Drop Tower looking down a snow covered employee pathway.
Here is a view of Drop Tower and Leviathan facing a snowy morning!
Here's Leviathan's first drop standing 306 feet tall!
Here is Wild Beast as seen from in front of the maintenance shop.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos of Canada's Wonderland from March 1st, 2016! Please be sure to check back for more trip reports from over the past couple of years!

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