Friday, 5 May 2017

Canada's Wonderland- May 5th, 2017

We made our second trip to Canada's Wonderland on this cool rainy day! But, that didn't scare us away or dampen our day as we were well prepared. We managed to get on many rides, including the most intense rides that Canada's Wonderland has to offer! Going on a rainy day definitely creates for an interesting time! Take a look at the photos below of the great time we had!

We arrived at the park on this drizzly morning shortly before opening as usual. As you can tell, it sure was coming down! Once the rides opened at 10am, we made our way to Medieval Faire and ventured throughout the rest of the park throughout the day.
After a couple of hours of riding many rides in the rain and playing a few games in the arcade, we decided it as  time to eat. We stopped in at Coasters Diner in Action Zone. It was good food and service as usual. After eating, we began catching some rides again. Here is a view of Action Zone looking from Coasters Diner.
Here is a quick view of SWing of the Century giving some school kids a ride. The park was very empty today as it was just a few groups of school kids and us having fun in the rain!
My Mom and I decided to capture a ride on the beautiful Antique Carousel. We thought it would have been a must ride on a rainy day, but we were the only ones when this photo was taken.
Here is a lone passenger riding Backlot Stunt Coaster in the drizzle. I had taken a ride on it before I captured this photo. It was good and not as rough as usual. I guess the rain helped provide such a ride. All the coasters we rode during our visit were 'flying' due to the rain on the track!
Here is Mighty Canadian Minebuster's lift hill. Scott and and I rode it in the morning and then I rode it once again in the afternoon. It rode very well both times and the re-tracked helix definitely provides a better experience as we had discovered during Season Pass Sneak Preview Night.
After riding quite a few more rides, we decided to walk around the park a little more.
During our visit, Soaring Timbers was being extensively worked on despite the great amount of rainfall. Canada's Wonderland is working very hard to get this all-new for 2017 ride operating as soon as possible. While Scott and I were on Drop Tower earlier in the day, we saw Soaring Timbers testing. It looked awesome! I can't wait for it to open!
Here is another view of Soaring Timbers. You can see the lights that are located on each end of the gondolas. It will definitely be a sight to see at night!
Here is one of Vortex's trains speeding through the rain. Scott and I had rode it in the morning as it rained. We were getting pelted in the face as it traveled at speeds up to 90 km/h!
Here is another deserted view of the park in Action Zone, looking towards the Kingswood Music Theatre entrance.
Here are a few remaining park visitors capturing a ride on Swing of the Century. It gave a great ride as usual!  
Here is one of Flight Deck's trains completing the roll-over inversion. I had rode Flight Deck and Time Warp during my visit and found them to provide relatively tolerable ride experiences, unlike previous experiences. I guess the rain on the tracks and the cooler weather helped provide a good ride experience.
Here is one last look at the puddled International Street prior before we left for the day.
After six hours of fun in the rain, it was time to leave for the day as the park was closing at 4pm due to the inclement weather. Here is Scott, our mom, and I standing in front of the Royal Fountains just before the park closed for the day! Despite the rainy weather, we managed to have a wonderful time as you can never have a bad day at Canada's Wonderland!

I thank you for reading about our second visit of the season to Canada's Wonderland! In the near future, I will have off-ride footage and photos of Soaring Timbers in action once it does open! So, be on the lookout for them!

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