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Season Pass Sneak Preview Night at Canada's Wonderland- April 28th, 2017

Another April has come to an end. This time of year has us finding ourselves at a place of thrill and excitement after a long winter! This place happens to be Canada's Wonderland for their Season Pass Sneak Preview Night. Below are photos of the evening as I spent it with my brother Scott and our Mom. It was a great evening and possibly the best Season Pass Sneak Preview Night I had attended. Now, enough talking and let's get on with those photos!

After six months of Winter, we finally arrived at Canada's Wonderland for Season Pass Sneak Preview Night around 5:15pm!
Here's the large Canadian flag flying high over the front entrance.

The lines have began to form for the evening as anticipation and excitement begins to rise.
Here's Leviathan testing with three dummies in the front car.

Shortly after, we were finally let in for our first visit of the season!
After capturing many rides on our favourite attractions, we decided to venture over to Planet Snoopy to meet up with Steve, a fellow amusement park enthusiast. But, on our way over, I managed to capture a few photos. Here is Shockwave in action.
Here is the all-new for 2017 Soaring Timbers. Unfortunately, it wasn't operating just yet. But, here is its sign!
Here is a view of Soaring Timbers which was still under construction. Take note of the the beautiful waterfall feature in front of the ride!
Here is the classic Klockwerks in action!
After 8 years of The Bat sporting orange supports, the supports were repainted black for the 30th anniversary of The Bat! Now it looks just like it had prior to the 2008 season and 30 years ago!
Here are a few passengers on Drop Tower waiting for the 227 foot plunge! Drop Tower is celebrating 20 years of operation this season! Scott and I rode it earlier in the evening.
Just before we met up with Steve in Planet Snoopy, we came across this goose while crossing the bridge.
Here is fellow amusement park enthusiast Steve Kuhnle posing with me for a quick photo.
After quickly meeting up with Steve, we then ventured off back to Medieval Faire to take in the sights and sounds as well as play a few games in the arcade.
Here is The Bat's train going backwards through the loop! The Bat sure was running great that evening!
Here is Riptide sending passengers head-over heels.
Here are some passengers getting airtime on Leviathan!
Leviathan's sign as seen from The Rage's queue line.
Here is the all-mighty Vortex in operation as the train goes through the over-banked turn! Scott and I greatly enjoyed our ride on Vortex earlier that evening.
Here is Skyhawk as the sun begins to set. I had managed to flip 34 times upside down during my ride on Skyhawk! I still haven't lost my touch!
Here is Scott and our Mom sitting on a bench taking a break from all the excitement.
Here is a beautiful sunset over looking Vortex!
Here is Windseeker operating 300 feet high in the sky.
Here is one of Behemoth's trains plunging down the first drop! Behemoth was great but a little rattly. But, it still provided loads of airtime!
Here is Skyhawk in a little less light. Take a look at those beautiful LED lights! Skyhawk was new for 2016.
Here is the great jumpin' machine, SledgeHammer. Scott and I captured an amazing night ride later that night!
During the last hour of operation for the night, we decided to venture around the park to see it at night. Here is Flying Eagles in Kidzville at night with its beautiful LED light display.
Here is the Character Carousel lit up in Planet Snoopy.
Here is one of the fountains lit up at night nearby the entrance to Planet Snoopy.
Here is Shockwave giving its last rides of the night!

Here is Klockwerks beautifully displayed in red in the darkness of the night!
Here is The Bat thrilling riders in the cool night air!
Here is Nightmares in its natural surroundings! It looked like one large ring!
Here is Dragon Fire awaiting for its next train of thrill seekers!
Here is the Medieval Faire Fountain eerily lit up in front of Wonderland Theatre.
International Street sure is beautiful all lit up at night!
Here is a close up of one of the trees lining International Street shining with lights at night!
Here are the Royal Fountains glowing blue!
Here is a view of the pansies in place of the floral Canadian Flag for now.

After an night of thrills and excitement we decided to head out just before closing time! Here is our Mom, Scott, and I standing in front of the Royal Fountains on International Street.
Here is one last look at the Royal Fountains for the night before we left the park.
Here is the beautiful Canada's Wonderland sign above the front entrance! It almost appears as if it is floating!
Here is Leviathan giving one of its last rides for the night as we were headed out.
Here is Behemoth glowing red up its lift hill as seen from the parking lot.

I thank you for taking a look at my visit to another great Season Pass Sneak Preview Night! I would like to greatly thank Canada's Wonderland for all the effort they put into making it such a great evening!

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