Friday, 2 June 2017

Canada's Wonderland- May 30th, 2017

Scott and our Mom had came along for another day of thrills and excitement as we made our fourth visit of the season to Canada's Wonderland. The morning was beautiful and warm but the afternoon saw the appearance of an ongoing lightning storm. Despite the afternoon being a slight washout due to severe brief lightning storms, we still managed to have fun as we occupied ourselves at the park's arcades. Take a look at the photos below to see the amazing day we had!

Our day definitely started out beautiful as it was warm and sunny as we ventured down International Street.
We waited at the Medieval Faire entrance for the rides to open. Here is the Wonderland Theatre.
Here is a view of Leviathan testing before opening for the day as seen from the Medieval Faire entrance.
Such a simple, but decorative piece added to the park's beautiful landscaping. These dragon-like handles have adorned the Medieval Faire Entrance walls since opening day back on May 23rd, 1981.
After getting on many rides throughout the park and our first ride of the season on White Water Canyon in the morning, we took a small break from riding rides before the storm rolled in. Here is a shot of the classic Orbiter, North America's last Huss Giant Enterprise which has been operating since 1981.
Here are some beautiful red and white flowers in front of Shockwave located in International Festival.
The storm began to roll in just as we ventured over to the Arcadium in Medieval Faire to play some classic arcade games. We spent our time here during the first and second storms of the afternoon. My arms sure got a work out playing skeeball, the basketball game, and air hockey!
The rain was just pouring down after the lightning show was over for the time being.
People were seeking refuge where they safely could as the first round of the storm passed through.
After playing the basketball game, skeeball, and air hockey in the Arcadium for about half an hour, we began to venture around the park before the second round of lighting rolled in. 
A second lightning storm rolled through and so did a third before it finally cleared. Briefly during a clearing between the second and third round of storm, we managed to get a ride on Swing of the Century which was open for a short time before the third round of lightning rolled in.
The rain sure caused some flooding within the park. During the third storm, we took refuge in the Sweet Shop on International Street. Here is The Rage, which was down after a downpour that occurred throughout the afternoon.
Here is The Bat sitting idle after being battered by an afternoon of rain and lighting. Just after this, Wild Beast opened so, I took another ride, as I had earlier in the day. The train sure flew over the track after all the rain we received.
After a very thrilling morning, a fun afternoon in the arcade, and a few more rides between the storm, we decided it was time to head out for the day.
Just before we left, I happened to look at the maple leaf on the floral Canadian flag on International Street and noticed the park's landscapers had added the number 150 in the center of the maple leaf. This is in dedication of Canada's 150th anniversary. I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos of our 4th visit of the season! :-)

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