Friday, 30 June 2017

Canada's Wonderland- June 22nd, 2017

So, after a three week hiatus we made it back to Canada's Wonderland for our fifth visit of the season. My brother Scott and our Mom accompanied me on our visit. The visit to Canada's Wonderland sure upped my spirits as college was bogging me down for a while. Everyone deserves fun in life every so often, so I managed to squeeze another visit into my schedule! Below are some awesome photos from our day. Enjoy!

We entered the park shortly after 9:30am and were greeted by many Canada 150 celebration decorations and of course, Snoopy!
If you didn't already know, Canada is celebrating 150 years as a country this year! 
As we were waiting for the rides to open for the day at 10am, I captured this interesting and beautiful photo of the flowers at the base of the globe in Action Zone.
Here are some more beautiful flower arrangements in front of the Backlot Cafe in Action Zone.
Here is Flight Deck testing before it opened for the day. It was neat watching the slightly closed restraints completely close by the time the train went through the roll over
After catching many morning rides on the rides located within Action Zone and International Festival, as well as a ride on White Water Canyon, it began to rain. We ventured on our way over to Coasters Diner in Action Zone to get a bite to eat. After getting a bite to eat, we headed to the arcades to play some games as the rain passed.
Here is a close up shot of the flowers located in front of Shockwave.
Even well after the rainfall, there was still a lot of drying up to do. Here is a maintenance crew member drying off the track from Kidzville Station. Scott and I were headed over to Ghoster Coaster when I captured this photo.
Here are some young riders taking in a ride on the fun Flying Eagles.
Here are some riders going 300 feet into the air on Slingshot. After this photo, Scott and I flung sky high for another enjoyable ride on Slingshot! Season Pass holders can now receive $5 off when they present their season pass when purchasing tickets for a ride on Slingshot.
Here are some more beautiful red and white flower arrangements celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary!
My Mom and I took a spin on the Antique Carousel. There was a slight delay before we got on so, while we waited I managed to capture a photo of this carved horse on this beautiful 1928 PTC carousel.
Here is another photo of Antique Carousel, this time one of the chariots.
While my Mom and I took a ride on the Antique Carousel, Scott sat in the shade and watched as we enjoyed a relaxing ride.
Here is one of many garbage cans which display the park's original logo.
Work was being done on the diving platform in Arthur's Bay located in Medieval Faire as there will be Canada 150 celebrations taking place all throughout July.
We decided to call it a day after 4pm. Here is Scott, our Mom, and I after a fun and enjoyable day at Canada's Wonderland!

I thank you for taking your time to look at another one of our great trips to Canada's Wonderland! Stayed tuned throughout the summer for more!

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