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Canada's Wonderland- July 27th, 2017

After over a month of working hard at college, I made my sixth visit of the season to Canada's Wonderland. The day started out rainy but eventually turned to sunny skies. Despite the weather change in the late morning, the crowds were light all day, which made for an enjoyable day of thrills and excitement! Below are photos of our wonderful day at the park!

Our sixth visit of the season at Canada's Wonderland started out rainy.
After two hours of riding many rides, here is Scott and our Mom enjoying the day as we pass back through International Festival! If you look closely, you can tell Scott was soaked from our two morning rides on White Water Canyon.
Here is Vortex under a partially blue sky. Vortex provided Scott and I a great ride once again shortly after the park had opened for the day.
After a slight delay due to the rain, The Fly did eventually open offering a thrilling ride for all those boarded.
As the sun came out, the temperature began to rise. Here is a distant view of Splash Works, Canada's Wonderland's water park.
After taking some more photos, I decided to take a spin on Skyhawk. While I was waiting in the queue line, Scott managed to capture this photo of Skyhawk and Windseeker in operation.
Here, you can see me in a somewhat serious gaze (?) prior to boarding Skyhawk. Scott had captured this photo. That day, I had managed to flip 21 times on Skyhawk, which is 13 flips below my record of 34 flips.
My Mom had captured this view of geese enjoying the nice cool stream as Scott and I took a ride on the Mighty Canadian Minebuster. 
After spending more time riding many rides, we decided to spend sometime in Arcadium, Medieval Faire's arcade. But prior to heading there, I captured some photos of 'Celebration Plaza' which was set up in Medieval Faire throughout the month of July to celebrate Canada 150.
This is the jump that was temporarily set up in Arthur's Bay for the Freestyle Ski Aerials show that took place daily from mid July to the end of the month.
Here is a view of the Celebration Stage that was set up to present some of Canada's traditional performances during the month of July to celebrate Canada 150.
Here is the Taste of Quebec food booth that was set up for the Canada 150 celebrations.
For the Canada 150 celebrations, the Medieval Faire food vendor trailer was repainted to match the rest of Medieval Faire and set up to serve Canadian craft beer during the month of July.
At 1:30pm, the Flying Frontenacs took stage on the diving platform of Arthur's Bay in Medieval Faire to perform a truly Canadian diving and trampoline stunt show.
The trampoline component of the show provided many 'close calls' for the performers.
There was a lot of coordination and training put in place to perform such a spectacular.
If you hadn't noticed, the performers were dressed as Mounties during the first part of the performance.
There were many dizzying flips performed on the trampolines by the professional acrobats.
As you can see, they were even scaling the walls throughout the performance. It was that crazy!
The performers were even on the edge of their seats!
This one performer jumped from his chair down to a trampoline, only to bounce back up, narrowly missing the chair he was sitting in only seconds before.
That looks uncomfortable, especially considering the force that was involved before he landed in such a position!
After jumping on the trampolines, they began to climb the diving structure to perform some aerial spectaculars.
Here are two of the performers dangling from a metal structure, high above the trampolines below.
Here is one of the performers on a water jet pack.
After the water jet pack performance, performers began to dive into Arthur's Bay, working their way up the structure.
They even bounced off of trampolines into Arthur's Bay below.
They even began jumping off of the prop crates located near the top of the diving structure.
As other performers were diving, two performers began to swing on a pendulum eventually diving into the water below.
There was even an act of tandem diving that occurred during the performance.
They both eventually dived into the water below.
The most daring dive was taken from atop the diving structure of Arthur's Bay which is high above the water below! With the successful dive of this performer, the show had commenced!
Just after the Flying Frontenacs show, I had captured a photo of The Rage in full swing! 
Here is a floral arrangement located nearby the washrooms in Medieval Faire.
About 12 minutes after the Flying Frontenacs show had ended, another show had taken place in Arthur's Bay. It is none other than the Freestyle Ski Aerials show, where performers slid down a 30 foot high ramp on many Canadian recreational modes of transportation.
Here is another view of the 30 foot high ski jump ramp.
Here is a skier performing some aerial stunts before landing into the waters below.
Here is another performer taking a ride down the ski jump on a GT. It's a toboggan ski-like thing that I bet many of us can remember from our childhood! 
And there he goes, off the ramp and into the water.
Now, here's a kayaker's attempt of the ski jump!
He successfully made it, diving nose first into the waters below! 
Here's the skier doing a head-over-heals performance before plunging into the water.
Here's the GT rider also performing an aerial flip before going into Arthur's Bay.
Now, before you is a view of all the performers of the show about to ride down the ski jump at once into Arthur's Bay below, while not colliding with each other! Below is a video of the finale!
Here is a list of all the Special Events that took place during the month of July at Canada's Wonderland in celebration of Canada 150.
Here is one of the two 'entrances' to Celebration Plaza.
After watching the performances and riding some more intense thrill rides, my Mom and I decided to take a relaxing ride on the Antique Carousel. While we were on it, Scott decided to sit off to the side and use my camera to take this and the next couple of photos.
Here is a beautiful view of the Antique Carousel.
Here are some fountains located nearby the Antique Carousel. 

After taking a ride on the Antique Carousel and a ride on Time Warp, I captured a photo of the beautiful flowerbed located in front of Time Warp.
After a fun filled day which involved many rides and a few show performances, we decided to call it a day around 4pm. It was a great day of which we all enjoyed!

Thanks for viewing my photos and video of our sixth visit of the season to Canada's Wonderland! :-)

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